Roc Capital Forms Holding Company and Rebrands to Roc360

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Roc Capital, the New York-based leading capital provider for private lenders serving small and middle-market real estate developers, today announced the formation of Roc360, a holding company for the suite of products and services it will provide to its clients.
The new name communicates the firm’s offerings as a full life cycle platform for real estate investors and accompanies the broadening of Roc360’s suite of products and services. These include lending (this business will continue to operate under the Roc Capital brand), property insurance, title insurance, and benefits offered by Roc360’s unique corporate partnerships. Roc360 will bring convenience, efficiency and personalization to its private lenders, borrowers, investors and existing client base.
“Forming Roc360 is an integral step in the evolution of our brand,” said Arvind Raghunathan, PhD, CEO and Co-Founder of Roc360. “While we still offer our bread-and-butter short-term, transitional and perm lending solutions, Roc360 more clearly encompasses the full scope of Roc’s services and mission⁠—providing real estate investors and developers everything they need for the full life cycle of a real estate transaction.”
In 2014, Roc Capital entered the market as one of the initial firms to inject capital into dislocated residential markets by way of funding private lenders. Through its Roc Capital subsidiary, Roc has successfully lent more than $2 billion to real estate investors and developers, serving short-term bridge and long-term perm loans ranging from $75,000 to in excess of $20 million in non-owner-occupied residential and commercial real estate. Bringing liquidity was just the first step, however; through its insurance subsidiary, ElmSure, close to $750 million of insurance has been bound in builder’s risk and other coverages insuring real estate interests. More than 80 percent of Roc Capital borrowers, a growing number of lenders and independent developers are using ElmSure given the convenience, efficiency, and risk coverage for their assets offered through the highly trusted Berkshire Hathaway Group of Insurance carriers.
In 2009, Raghunathan, along with his partners Maksim Stavinsky, Chief Operating Officer, and Eric Abramovich, Chief Credit Officer, spun out from Deutsche Bank in the largest hedge fund launch of that year post financial crisis, primarily focused on quantitative equities trading and statistical arbitrage. In 2014, Roc360 raised its inaugural Secured Lending Income Fund, which today has grown to an impressive 150-lender platform. The 100-percent employee-owned Roc360 has a stacked team of about 100 employees and personnel. Roc360’s management team is comprised of highly successful executives with proven track records and decades of experience on Wall Street.
About Roc360: Roc360 is an industry leading lender and platform catering to small and middle-market real estate. Founded in 2014, the now rebranded Roc360 has become one of the country’s most vertically integrated financial services platforms, with services including Roc Capital lending, ElmSure property insurance, Wimba title insurance and its affinity partnerships. Roc360’s management team is comprised of highly successful executives with proven track records and decades of experience on Wall Street. As former quant traders deeply versed in data, the firm’s present-day capabilities only scratch the surface of what the executive suite is equipped to execute on in the future.

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