Roc360 Launches First-of-Its-Kind Lead-Generation Platform Haus Lending

–The machine learning-driven startup matches real estate investors and lenders–

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Roc360, a financial services platform for residential real estate investors, announced the launch of Haus Lending, a machine learning-driven startup that leverages data science to source real estate investor leads, directly match those leads with private lenders and aid lenders with servicing these loans through to close and beyond.

This new addition to Roc360’s suite of products will innovate, simplify and modernize the expensive and time-consuming process of prospecting for clients, enabling private lenders to invest more time on other essential areas of their businesses. Haus Lending is unique in the space as it is the only platform that directly matches lenders and real estate investors, functioning as a lead origination tool while enabling instant interaction between two interdependent groups of real estate professionals.

“The launch of Haus Lending is another step in closing the loop for real estate investors by efficiently matching them with capital, products and services using a data science driven approach. This optimization is essential in addressing the supply demand mismatch in housing that exists today,” said Arvind Raghunathan, PhD, CEO and Co-Founder of Roc360.

Private lenders on the Haus Lending platform also receive access to Roc360’s comprehensive suite of products, that will provide support for lenders throughout the entire loan lifecycle. These resources include property and builder’s risk insurance, a proprietary loan origination system (LOS), title insurance, and affinity benefits through unique corporate partnerships.

Haus Lending’s mission to modernize the lifecycle of a loan would not be complete without also focusing on the borrower’s experience. Borrowers receive the most competitive rates and a speedier loan-closing process. As part of the Roc360 ecosystem, Haus Lending can assure borrowers that their loans are serviced by a reputable and experienced firm that has funded over $2 billion in loans nationwide.

Over the past few months, several established lenders were offered invite-only access to a beta version of the Haus Lending platform. Taking full advantage of the lead-generation matching algorithm, this select group of lenders has seen exceptional early results, including an increase of over 100 percent month-over-month in conversion by using Haus Lending leads versus those traditionally sourced.

“Working with Haus Lending has enabled me to focus on originating loans,” said Howard Haberman, a director at Rock East Group, a veteran hard money lender for experienced real estate investors who now also originates loans through the Haus platform. “The free incoming leads have shifted my priorities from marketing to closing deals and Roc360’s ancillary products and services really bring everything together. The borrowers love it!”

When working within tight deadlines, standard items such as title and property insurance can delay loan closings; however, lenders on the platform are able to bundle all services within the Roc360 platform, ensuring that there will be no hold up. With the launch of Haus Lending, Roc360 further cements itself as a true one-stop shop for lenders, who are now able to offer a superior experience to borrowers and close loans faster.

About Roc360

Roc360 is an industry leading lender and platform catering to small and middle-market real estate. Founded in 2014, the now rebranded Roc360 has become one of the country’s most vertically integrated financial services platforms, with services including Roc Capital lending, Elmsure property insurance, Wimba title insurance and its affinity partnerships. Roc360’s management team is comprised of highly successful executives with proven track records and decades of experience on Wall Street. As former quant traders deeply versed in data, the firm’s present-day capabilities only scratch the surface of what the executive suite is equipped to execute on in the future.

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